This is fairly crappy fearmongering. The friendship bracelet thing is often disguised as a fake charity (look for people trying to pin things to your lapel) and while they may get grumpy, they WILL take no for an answer. It's not a scam as much as straight up begging. I have never, ever seen this take the form of a… » 8/15/14 2:38am 8/15/14 2:38am

Yeah, to be honest, the original TMNT cartoon is pretty terrible in retrospect. Pretty much any of the reboots gives modern kids a more interesting time and talks down to them far, far less. So good on them. Nostalgia be damned, they have it good. And good on this last one for making April O'Neal into an actual person… » 8/07/14 3:09pm 8/07/14 3:09pm

I'm a bit fuzzy on the history here. Was the "love conquers all" thing the one that made theatres in the US? Isn't there a third cut of this somewhere that is either more altered or an in-between thing? Maybe a TV cut of it? I remember that Criterion box having three versions of the film when I watched it. » 7/29/14 11:22pm 7/29/14 11:22pm