So am I the only one that found that percussionist dude in the back to be... distractingly hunky? Not to be superficial or anything, it was just weird that he looked like he belonged in a Fast and the Furious movie but was there lightly tapping on a xylophone. » 10/13/14 8:16am 10/13/14 8:16am

So what's the wireless situation here? I have a wireless 360 receiver for my PC and I just can't imagine going wired (not to mention my PC also goes to my TV and wireless is a must due to the layout). Wireless 360 receivers can also do 4 controllers at once, which is way messier wired. » 9/18/14 1:20am 9/18/14 1:20am

Aw, man, this kind of only serves to highlight how lacking in personality and a sense of humour Destiny is. It could totally have played like Guardians of the Galaxy - The Game if Bungie had given up on making all their games look and sound like a gothic cathedral. » 9/13/14 2:32am 9/13/14 2:32am